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We are Dezinerbullz a kennel that specialises in French Bulldogs, English Bulldogs and Pugs, we have designed our own whelping system as over the years we have gained a vast amount of knowledge of what is required when raising puppies, our SAFEWHELP system is designed to make raising a litter of puppies, safer, easier and more cost effective. We have our 3 System Whelping boxes in 3 different sizes, a medium size for Pug and French bulldog ,and a larger one for English Bulldogs, and an XL one for Olde English Bulldogs, these can come either flat packed or as a solid unit, depending on your needs, all whelping boxes are easy to clean, safe for puppies, have a heated area approximately half the size of the pen, plus clear frontage panels, making it easy to see the puppies also a camera and monitor which can be placed in any room in the house so you can see your puppies at all times, surround rails for puppies safety, an infra red light, a temperature gauge, an oxygen generator and oxygen outlet, vents, a lid, plus wheels so the pen is mobile and easy to move from place to place, also a puppy guard so mum can come out and puppies can remain in the pen once puppies are a few weeks old, plus a puppy weighing scales,so the pen is ideal for newborns as keeps them safe and warm, ideal for 3-4 week old puppies, and finally as a holding pen when mum is no longer with the puppies. Our 3 system Whelping Pen is very adaptable and can be used time and time again,it's hygienic, and easy to clean, no drafts, safe and very versatile, included in the price is the delivery anywhere in the uk. Our measurements are for a medium pen 48" wide x 30" deep x 28" high


Large 48" x 48" x 28" high, Height would increase to 32" with wheels and the XL is 60" X 60" X 28"

Medium £1200


Large £1600


Extra large £1850


We have sold hundreds of these whelping pens to breeders from the uk plus many in Europe, with great success, many breeders having bulk orders, we usually have a 4 day delivery turnaround so we can react quickly to situations


Worldwide shipping