Whelping pens



Our amazing Incubator Whelping System is a 3 way system, which can be used as an incubator. It comes with an pen, oxygen generator, a heated floor, oxygen output, a temperature gauge, an infra red lamp, rails to protect the puppies and a camera and monitor so you can see the puppies from any room in the house. All these items can be used in the early stages, then later the whelping pen can be used with mum and puppies, as a safe, warm, easy to clean environment. Later round, when the puppies have been weaned, it can be used as a holding pen to keep them safe. The whelping pens can come in various sizes depending on the breed your are raising. They allow the puppies and the mum to have a draught free, sterile area to grow up in and allows the breeder to know their puppies are safe and sound.

Whelping boxes, custom made by Plaztek Limited